Responsible for disciplinary activities

November 12, 2020

Main Responsibilities

    • Receive complaints from the public and inform complainants of the complaint process.
    • Communicate by mail with the members subject to a complaint and inform them of the disciplinary process.
    • Ensure that complaints are forwarded to the disciplinary prefect.
    • Coordinate the dissemination of information and '' sending official letters to the various stages of complaint processing.
    • Communicate the necessary information to the members of the discipline committee and assist them in their mandate.
    • Plan, organize and participate in committee hearings.
    • Inform parties of committee decisions and record information in member files.
    • Ensure continuous improvement of procedures and documentation committee activities.
    • Coordinate the conduct of investigations when required by the disciplinary prefect.
    • Record the 'all disciplinary decisions and produce an annual report of the committee's activities.
    • Participate in the development of the professional inspection program processes and ensure their continuous improvement.
    • Coordinate all inspection activities.
    • Select the members who will be subject to '' an inspection.
    • Inform members selected for the inspection of the procedure and assist them as needed.
    • Document the results of the inspections in the members' files and produce a annual report of committee activities.
    • Make any necessary changes to evaluations, communications or process to ensure program effectiveness.


Education: DEC in legal techniques, DEC or office automation techniques or any other combination of training and experience deemed relevant.

Experience: 1 to 2 years of relevant experience

Profile sought: Rigor


Excellent skills for customer service

Good command of the French language

Planning and coordination skills

Ease of learning

Good interpersonal skills

Good computer skills

English (asset)

Knowledge of massage therapy (asset)

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