Regulatory Analyst (Supervision of Derivatives)

January 18, 2019
  • Under the supervision of the Director of Derivatives Management, the holder of the job must:
  • Formulate, develop and implement the framework (regulations, standards, guidelines or other pronouncements) of the over-the-counter derivatives market and its participants, whether institutional or retail, from research, analysis, discussions and negotiations on internal and external committees or working groups, including those of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA);
  • Participate, as a consultant and contributor, in the achievement of the objectives of the various branches of the AMF when they include aspects specific to derivatives;
  • Represent the Authority in external proceedings, primarily with the CSA;
  • Prepare and deliver required training to AMF and other Canadian securities regulatory authorities as well as to various market participants;
  • Acting as a resource person for the team members and staff of the various directorates of the Authority;
  • Ensure the proper practical application of the various regulatory instruments developed (continuous supervision, inspection); Monitor the regulatory activities of international authorities to respond to market trends and anticipate potential problems.

In addition, the incumbent assumes a role of supervision and supervision of derivatives analysts in carrying out more complex mandates and ensures quality control of the work produced. As such, the incumbent accompanies the derivatives analysts and validates the final product.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Possess a Bachelor of Laws degree or other discipline relevant to the job;
  • Have at least seven (7) years of relevant experience to gain knowledge of securities and derivatives regulation;
  • Have a good knowledge of financial markets and derivatives regulation as well as a general knowledge of the Québec economy;
  • Have experience in risk management and / or inspection is an asset;
  • Knowing the rules of IIROC is an asset;
  • Master French and English languages, both orally and in writing.

Professional Skills

  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Ability to speak clearly with a high level of rigor and influence;
  • Ability to negotiate, to develop strategies and to represent the Authority with discernment and intelligence;
  • Spirit of analysis and synthesis, intellectual curiosity, rigor and critical reflection;
  • Leadership, good judgment and sense of human relations (strategic and political sense);
  • Ability to formulate proposals for resolving issues raised or defined;
  • Ease of adapting to urgent situations and sustaining pressure;
  • Great autonomy in the performance of his duties;
  • Ability to conduct detailed, accurate and relevant research and analysis on specialized and complex subjects (economics, finance, law), using a variety of approaches;
  • Team spirit and collaboration;
  • Ability to work in synergy with other stakeholders and to assume a leadership role in the committees in which it participates;
  • Abilityto carry out detailed research on derivative instruments and related (international) regulation;
  • Ease of finding solutions to complex problems, ensuring the respect of the Authority’s mission;
  • Openness to innovations and changes.

Please note that successful applicants will be required to undergo a good morals and criminal record check in connection with the job.

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