Legal Technician - Traditional Law - Successions

August 19, 2020

The technician assists the notary (s) in their duties. This position essentially consists of administratively supporting the traditional law sector in all cases.

This person manages several cases at the same time, while keeping an eye on deadlines.

She performs the analysis, implementation, implementation, monitoring and drafting of files in this sector, while observing best industry practices at all times.

Ensure the administrative performance of mandates of traditional law and obtain the information required to carry them out and monitor them until their delivery.

Demonstrate autonomy and rigor in monitoring cases. She must have a spirit of synthesis and analysis allowing her to quickly bring solutions to notaries.


The person will have the tasks of providing administrative support to the legal advisor in the traditional law sector, particularly in succession / mandate files.

Traditional law affects the following files

  • Succession
  • Residential real estate / Residential mortgage
  • Mandate / Power of attorney
  • Testament
  • Marriage contract
  • etc



1-Legal responsibilities

  • Support the legal advisor on the administrative level in the files of successions, mandates, inheritance settlements, homologations of mandate and opening of protective supervision;
  • Write, with little or no supervision, letters, models, mandates, resolutions, powers of attorney, reports ts and other written documents;
  • Prepare inheritance contracts from templates and modify them as needed;
  • Prepare inheritance-related documentation (letters, pay requests, write-off, receipts, statements of disbursement, etc.);
  • Participate in the review of various documents;
  • Receive and process current requests or send them to the appropriate person, if applicable;
  • Assist legal counsel in the use of management tools;
  • Participate in the preparation and updating of documents and models of legal documents;
  • Participate in the formatting and revision of legal documents and presentations;
  • Organize and expedite the course of work by ensuring follow-up as needed;
  • Coordinate the exchange of documents between the internal and external departments of the company;
  • Show initiative and judgment in order to free the advisor r legal administrative burdens;
  • Exercise discretion and ensure the protection of confidential information and files;
  • Perform other tasks of a variety of nature, as required;
  • Maintain excellent relationships with our partners and clients;
  • Customer service, in particular making appointments, correspondence and certain interventions related to cases;
  • Establish and maintain filing systems, according to the principles established for the management of documents and legal procedures, and frequently monitor the security of confidential documents;
  • Ensure the proper functioning of disbursements.

2-Management / Administrative responsibilities:

  • Manage files in Para-Maitre, life cycle and documentation ;
  • Manage the follow-up and invoicing of its files;
  • Carry out correspondence in connection with its files;
  • Photocopy ier and digitize certain files;
  • Makesecurities searches;
  • Management of the current trust of its files;
  • Publish deeds;
  • Issue checks for the purpose of transactions;
  • Produce administrative reports;



  • All other related tasks requested from time to time by management;

She must be able to manage her schedule according to priorities. It must be autonomous, focused on objectives.

It must be able to properly manage the interventions required to maintain good conditions for the fulfillment of mandates.


Rigor: Demonstrate a desire to stand out by demonstrating '' great autonomy, good organizational skills and rigor in the management of their files.

Collaboration : Have a good ability to work in collegiality with the members of our teams and an excellent command of French, both oral and written.

Skills: Possess excellent skills in the management of traditional law. Be able to address complex situations and work autonomously, in solution mode.

Knowledge: In-depth knowledge of traditional law practices and legislation in this sector .

TI: Have good knowledge of Windows software: Word / Excel / PowerPoint. Knowledge of Para-Maitre notarial management software.

Hours: Office opening hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Required skills:

Legal assistant training

Legal assistant experience in traditional law

  • Testament
  • Power of attorney
  • Mandate
  • Marriage contract

It would be an asset to have experience in:

  • Immobillier

Required skills:

  • Impeccable French grammar.
  • Sense of autonomy and 'initiative.
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to simultaneously manage multiple initiatives and tasks.
  • Sense of responsibility, discipline, rigor.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent time management skills

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