Disaster Expert - Analyst for Claims Service

August 23, 2021

lawyer.e or legal advisor, professional responsibility Organization recognized - Montreal

We are looking for a lawyer or a legal advisor to join our dynamic team. You want to be part of an organization that advocates team spirit, good working conditions and professional ethics, this position is for you!

* Law or Administrative Tray * Intermediate / Senior * Experience in Professional Responsibility, Insurance or Litigation * Unbeatable social benefits * Construction experience (an asset)

Here are your responsibilities:

  • Analyze claims requests and determine the applicability of guarantees;
  • Assign external stakeholders (including external lawyers) and communicate them to the instructions required for the smooth running of the file.
  • Coordinate and control tracking files including files including Communication with external stakeholders and member customers;
  • year Alyser various documents (agreements, contracts, reports, etc.);
  • evaluate responsibilities, quantum and reserves;
  • Participate in all stages of a file including mediation meetings;
  • Participate and develop prevention activities for member customers (training, webinars, documents of Information, etc.).

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