Agent juridique

December 03, 2018

The legal officer’s main function will be to prepare the appeal files according to the rules of procedure of the different courts. Under the supervision of the Director of Operations and with his cooperation, the incumbent will perform the following duties:

  • Know the rules and procedures of different courts.
  • Track the file with the client.
  • Mandate the suppliers required for the preparation of the file (stenographic notes, plans, cassettes, etc.) and ensure the quality and conformity of their work.
  • Using word processing software, format legal documents (memos, tables of contents, cover pages, etc.) and write correspondence on these files.
  • Rigorously check the layout work and supervise the proofreading.
  • Search for references in the memories.
  • Prepare and verify the documents for the CD-ROMs.
  • Coordinate the printing, delivery, production and service of the files for which he is responsible within the prescribed time.
  • Maintain current folder information in the database
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